Lessons Of Life Experience

I’ve gone through many things in life to finally understand what I couldn’t before. To finally see what I was so blind to. It is not a woman who is so complicated to understand. They in fact are more simpler to understand than most men care to admit to. Men just tend to say that it’s hard to completely understand a woman solely because they don’t understand their own self nature. If more men took the time to understand their own nature, then understanding a woman is easier. It’s in a mans nature to conquer and dominate, to destroy and enslave others. To take what isn’t theirs to take, to lust with greed and power. Demand what isn’t right to demand and yet want to do what they please. It is men who create wars and fight them. Whose pride leads them to vengeance and need for blood. Need for sweat and tears for so called honor. Who think themselves kings of kingdoms and slaves to no one. Who won’t discuss emotions of a certain kind or admit to having certain feelings because those are things of a private matter. Men are creators of pain and suffering who destroy peace of any sort.

It’s a woman whose nature is to be so emotional, to be so willing to care and to give. Willing to let them selves be conquered and enslaved to the ways of man. To reproduce life seeking peace not war, who wear their hearts on their sleeves for the taking. Who give all they have to give expecting for men to do the same in return. Who wait on a mans demand waiting for on directions in life. Who speak of and tell what men won’t do or tell. Who feel what so many men avoid feeling. The need of compassion and strength of understanding. It is a man who is more willing to give into temptation, not affected by the feelings of a woman. Who doesn’t care about taking that which he has for granted. Who feel women are to oblige by his command, expecting control and giving restrictions to a woman that he him self would not accept. Yet feel the right to want to control in a woman what could never be controlled. A woman’s wants desires and needs. It is a man who is selfish to the core. Who thinks it is alright to share himself with many women but his woman doesn’t have the same right.

It is a woman who is not so naïve as a man to know that they too have the same human nature as a man. A need to feel wanted, adored, needed, cherished, respected and loved. It is a woman’s right to want all of these things in life. As a woman it is expected to be given to them. It is what gives them value, self worth and validation. That they are not just there to reproduce for a man but to live in harmony with a man. Women search for in life what is god’s given gift to receive that so many men out of selfish reasons refuse to give. Why does a man ridicule and degrade a woman for having the same needs as him. For wanting to be selfish in fulfilling their own desires as a man would do. When it’s human nature and your own right to have your own will of choice. Men sex out of selfish pleasures to where as women sex searching for what they are not given to them. The right of entitlement of a man and need of value of her true worth to him. Women want desperately what most men choose not to give, what should be given to them.

A woman is a woman as any other woman and her value is the same as any other woman. They all just want desperately what men choose not to give. Men want to conquer and enslave a woman, but won’t allow the same to happen to him by a woman. A woman just wants unconditional love with out any judgment from a man. To have a man need them, want them, cherish them and adore them. A woman is but an image of the man she chooses to stand beside. If a man would just give a woman what she so desperately wants. Then there would be a lot of happiness and bliss with peace and harmony amongst them. A woman wouldn’t stray because there would be need to cheat. A man wouldn’t be tempted because he would be given as much as he wanted or needed from a woman. A woman’s complete devotion and affection. An undying loyalty and respect that is what a man most wants to conquer from a woman. A mans love is harder to earn than a woman’s who is easily given.

Men hate that women can be as disloyal and selfish as them. Feel women don’t have that right, but what right does a man have. To want to control from a woman what could never be controlled. A woman’s respect, love and loyalty is given from a woman when it is earned. Not when it is demanded of by expectancy. Men are the most disloyal creatures on earth and women are not. They just tend to act that way out of so many disappointments and broken hearts. If a man gave a woman what she truly desired emotionally a woman would worship the ground he walked on. That is what is in the nature of a man and a woman. How can a man ever begin to understand a woman if he doesn’t understand him self? A man must strive to understand his own nature, to be able to understand why a woman does what she does. Most women are lost searching for direction through a man. If a man has no purpose or direction in life then how can he give to a woman what he doesn’t have to give? Why would a woman decide to stick by a man in moments of hardships and emotional chaos if he never gave her any self value or entitlement of him self to her. With no moments to have cherished or experienced between each other. A woman can be but what a man helps her to become just as a man is only as strong as the woman who stands beside him.