Sex Is Pleasure Love Is Torture

In life some of the hardest things to accomplish is the ability to understand a woman and yourself. There are so many things involved in such an understanding, a precise amount of knowledge in such wisdom. The road to this discovery is a life long experience. Some times a confession like this is better understood if it’s written on paper to be read instead of being spoken and mis-understood. When you read something it’s easier to relate to and a person is less prone to be judgmental. The things we crave most are our silent desires that become our little addictions. A woman’s divine beauty and a mans handsomeness are creators of lust that lead to betrayal and temptation. Physical attractions are about aesthetics, not sexual performance, and not mental stimulation. With out a mental connection a remarkable sexual performance will yield no life long guarantee. Physical attraction is pure lust, it creates visual molestation. The need to find flaws where none seem visible. It’s anticipation of passion and passion is like an unknown world. A world with its foundation built on curiosity, mutual fulfillment and immediate gratifications. A world built with the need to give and receive just alike.

Physical attractions paint pictures for sexual enjoyments. It creates the lust for sex and everything involved with the act. The first acts of sex are for pure enjoyment and not commitments. People who sex just to sex do so to use each other to achieve and give each other satisfaction. Emotions may be high but no one really wants any type of commitment. Sex should be listed with life’s basic necessities. In the order of sex, food, shelter, and clothing. It should be fuck me, feed me, take me inside and dress me. It wants to be smelled, felt, seen, heard and tasted. Pleasure and desire are different from each other. Pleasure is the feeling during and after the act. Desire is the feeling before the act. People can some times tend to forget these steps making the act feel cheap and unwanted. Desire once turned on to hit its highest flame, combustion gives it a life of it’s own. Once alive it tends to become a raging wild fire, uncontrollable, uncontainable and the type of conflagration that has to be allowed to burn itself out. Mental arousal creates its own warmth of admiration, adoration with the need to feel and taste.

The absence of a lover doesn’t mean move our hormones into a state of hibernation. Doesn’t keep the body from experiencing a sweet release, sometimes all a woman needs is a kiss to anchor her to the shores of joy and misery. One passionate powerful kiss to start it all, that’s how most sexual experiences begin. Being pleased by a stranger is invigorating. Being able to have a person and then be able to walk away before emotions take root is a powerful thing that gives a person a sense of power with-in. Most men are sexual predators disguised as gentlemen, while some women are gold diggers disguised as respectable ladies. Body language tells a person that another person is available. Men are usually the hunter while women allow for them selves to be the prey. We look for women who look hip and sexy, but in reality are very pathetically lonely and desperate. Mostly broke sitting with very little self esteem. Who never had any attention given to them in a healthy way, who confuse emotional abuse as affection.

Men on the prowl don’t want an application they just want a coochie coupon. Saying what ever they have to say too get one. Women are more than happy to give one. Most women don’t mind and prefer the act of sex with married or committed men. There’s an understanding between the both that it’s just about sex and nothing more Both being able to feel safe that their hearts are guarded and protected. Women know that single men tend to want to play too many games. Even though there’s a buyers market and demand for single men. Sex is a game that’s played between people, a game that can reach different levels of intimacy and played different at any moment. We start by engaging in small talk, flirty talk with eye contact. We engage in conversations that’s more about body language. The proximity of our bodies is the true conversation. Words that move back and forth that between each other that owns no true value because in the moment it was more than just words. It was more about symbolizing the act of sex and its gained enjoyment.

Women who sex just for sex don’t really care or pay much attention to failures of sexual fulfillment. If you don’t satisfy them the way they want they’ll just find some one else who can. They don’t care about the emotional feelings of sex so it’s easier for them to replace you. It’s not about being emotional it’s about the pleasure of immediate gratifications. They want sex that doesn’t involve them having to be emotionally open. Which would make them feel the need to want to fulfill a mans every desire. It’s about her needs being met and her orgasms that grant pleasure. She doesn’t want an emotional connection or mental dependency. Physical attraction is all she really needs for some good meaningless sex. Lot’s of meaningless sex with strangers who don’t have the right to judge, they either accept or reject is all that matters.

The pursuit of pleasure lead to all that’s apart of the cycle of life, a persons undertow of anguish, obsession, moments of cruelty, betrayals and abandonment. Things that always hurt and affect another person are pleasures we seek that grant satisfaction are attained at the cost of herculean task. Leaving a person to wonder if one alone could ever please in all ways. Every woman wants a fairy tale ending even though they all know there hardly ever is one. They always picture that big house with the white picket fence, happily married with beautiful children. Dreams to all think of and wish for. People tend to forget we’re all created the same, prone to madness because obsession is really madness, the need to think and feel erratically. Just because a man makes a woman cum, makes them feel special doesn’t mean that it’s love. It’s just an act that made them feel at the moment.

Some women can’t seem to separate emotional needs from physical desires. Making it hard for them to distinguish between making love or just sexing. Women are very primal creatures always knowing men disappoint and other women can never be trusted. Women always take another woman’s kindness for weakness. Men sex freely with out being harshly judged either by others or by him self. Those are fears and realities that plague a woman not a man. When men sex we know exactly what we’re doing. Each thrust is like a sledge hammer trying to break through an emotional barrier. A need to conquer and accomplish what most can’t, needs bring out the selfishness in us all. What has been done to me has been done to others out of our own selfish needs. At times carnal needs are too strong, undeniable and mainly harder to resist between sundown to sunrise. Loneliness creates the need for companion. The desire to feel wanted, needed and validated. No body likes to have to sleep alone and be alone all the time. Solitude creates misery and misery hurts the mind and heart.